How Our Suite Reduces Marketing Costs by Over 50%, as Explained by the CEO.

The bad news? We spent millions of our own and investors’ dollars before we finally understood what being “smart” really means. The good news? We’ve translated what we learned to our AI, and you can leverage it for your own business.

The digital marketing landscape overflows with buzzwords and metrics that make it complicated. For example, to reduce churn and find new audiences, executives now require micro-segmented strategies based on custom and lookalike audiences.

The problem is that the current model is broken. While clients own data and need urgent action, different providers like ad, digital, and media agencies have massive structures that are slow to react to real-time data.

How can one coordinate information and human capital? How can departments be made more efficient? How can we consolidate data intuitively? According to a recent survey made by, 81% of all marketers are planning to bring their media and ad creation in-house in response to the questions above. However, is that the answer?

In Datagran, we consider ourselves the digital agency of the next generation. Our Suite, Bright, encompasses a unique set of AI products designed to augment your marketing department’s intelligence and performance. We do this by leveraging four core ingredients:

Every business has data, but many don’t know how to retrieve, manage, and leverage it. Our Suite automatically connects with your business’s data sources such as Facebook, Google, Google Analytics, Hubspot, Salesforce, and others. This capability not only allows our clients to visualize all their data in one place, but it also helps them use it to their marketing’s advantage.

Many clients are using Bright as a replacement for time-consuming spreadsheets, saving themselves a lot of time and work.

As an AI-based company, people are our most valuable asset. Our team is comprised of the talented and diverse individuals that understand how data and businesses work. Additionally, we recognize that, as our client, you most likely already have what you need to grow your business — you need only find out how to use it wisely. And that’s what we’re here for.

Both our SMB and Corporate teams are here to make your goals their own.

Our people don’t do busy work; we use technology for manual tasks instead. It is our core. We use our Suite to save time, money, and morale by calculating performance, predicting audiences, and consolidating information. Since our system integrates all data sources in real time, strategies and teams can respond more quickly to changing marketing landscapes.

Developed by our team of experts, our AI is the best out there. It’s scored higher savings and ROI than any other comparable tool on the market. Our AI uses both Machine Learning and Deep Learning to predict, analyze, and make and apply recommendations based on your real-time data.

We use the above ingredients through an organized system based on strategy. With thousands of strategies made each month, one could say we have seen every approach on the market.

Bright gives clients the knowledge to create strategies based on first and third party data. For example, if you as a client select a specific audience to target, the system can give your team feedback on the best ways to reach them based on historical campaign performance.

The suite also lets you see your data in real time rather than waiting for reports from multiple sources. Therefore allowing you to track your funnel and keep track of advertising objectives with more precision. Finally, the system has an integrated workflow organizer so that your team can work together more efficiently keeping track of tasks and the time it takes to complete them.

Our Suite is being used on every continent by more than 2,800 clients. Clients like AbInveb, Subway, Discovery, and many others are using it with an average cost reduction of 52% and a 10% reduction in churn.

If you think it’s time to take your marketing to the next level, please reach out to or hit the button below.